A World of Peace

The shift from a culture of war, a culture of domination, a culture of “us versus them,” to a culture of love, a culture of shared power, a culture of “us ” is at the core of our evolutionary journey, and key to our very survival on this precious planet.

Peace starts in our hearts, in the hearts of each every one of us. It begins every day, in this very moment, right now, not then, but now ~ as you read this ~ in your very next breath.

Push the pause button, and take a few seconds to connect with your breath…a single deep breath in and out… ah, yes.

Now take another moment to connect with your heart, breathing in and out of your heart center, grounding yourself in the loving mindfulness of this present moment. And again. Breathing in love, breathing out love. Repeat as needed. Three deep heart breathes at any moment of the day will do you a world of wonders. I like to do this before each meal, and before I make any decisions, large or small.

As you go through your day, allow your actions to spring forth from this beautiful place. Remind yourself to return to your heart, your breath, this space. Creating a sense of spaciousness allows your actions to come from a true place, not from the fear and anxiety that often percolates near the surface, but from the calm depths of the Knowing Heart.

From this place, we can begin to truly Occupy Love, as an important part of who we are. In touch with this ocean of ‘being,’ our ‘doing’ emerges, naturally, without force. We can learn to follow our heart, unwrap our gifts, and let them shine, allowing right action to unfold with right timing, emerging organically.

Occupy A new Era of Compassion Photo by Jenna Pope

More and more of us are beginning to move from this place of deep love and deep peace. A new culture of compassion is being born, all over this pulsating earth. This is not a pipe dream, this is not speculation, it’s truly happening. I’ve witnessed it first hand. Yes, there is an intensification of the setting sun mentality – aggression, hate, fundamentalism, corporate domination, eco collapse, and on and on and on. As a documentary filmmaker, I travel the world and see this dark underbelly, close-up and personal, everywhere I go. But I also have begun to discover the shining emergence of a global, heart centered community that dares to dream of a world that works for everyone and all life, shimmering into existence, everywhere I go.

I see it in the social movements of this era, when they are at their best, dazzling displays of love in action, bursting forth amidst revolutions and evolutions. The love I’ve experienced astounds me. I see it on social media, every day in different ways- the way we, The People, refused to sanction the bombing of Syria. The way we are seeing through the distortions of greed and consumerism and corporate dominance, reaching for real meaning. The way we are evolving new models of sustainability, of creativity, of possibility. The way we The People, are arising, everywhere, and discovering each other with a shock of recognition – oh, you are a lover too? And you, and you and you? Yes – we are.

~ Velcrow Ripper


Velcrow Ripper is a Canadian Academy Award (Genie) winning filmmaker, writer, sound designer and public speaker. He creates powerful, cinematic documentaries that deal with the central issues of our times. Occupy Love is the culmination of his epic “Fierce Love Trilogy” – See more here


Join the synchronized global meditation for peace at www.unify.org

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Occupy Love is a feature documentary film that connects the dots of in this era of turmoil and transformation, charting the emergence of the new story, the new revolution of the heart that is emerging around the world. It is a powerful tool that works wonderfully when shared with groups large or small. Arrange a community screening, or a house party screening with friends. Learn more here.

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