To the Awakening Ones

Here’s  a moving submission from Patrica Arias… thanks Patricia!

From a third world mother heart weary of witnessing the cold machine of cruel materialism  crush our families, our hopes and our kids future…I thank you.

Once I wrote ‘mothers of the world lets awaken those we love , these  ones that pseudo-live in a sleepy mood narcotized by the system…lets rekindle the ancestral fire where women have gathered since the dawn of time lets awake them in our kitchens our living rooms our bedrooms…’

Ah! you have awakened and joy fills the  heart .

The echoes of your brave stand resound like joyful bells throughout all our Americas, from the cold forests of north america to the deserts and forests of our south america…

we the people are awakening, we have found our voice and the call is clear, ding dong each of you, find your vibrational tone and sing for all humanity.

At the darkest hour of this cultural night you are the Light bearers that dispell denial … the newborn culture of Love peace and understanding is birthing…morning is breaking  at last… the eyes of the world are on you and it is already a better place because of you.  Thank you !!!

~ Patricia Arias  

On twitter:  @mepa29