Theatrical Tour with Filmmakers

“Beautiful, arresting, inspiring.’”   ~ The Village Voice

“Inspired, hopeful, must be watched … documents a global super movement.”   ~Huffington Post

We are thrilled to announce the Occupy Love  theatrical film tour, with director Velcrow Ripper + producers Nova Ami and Ian Mackenzie, Found Love interactive director Nicole Sorochan, and special guests from the film.  Tour includes Belfast, Dublin, London, New York, LA, SF, Santa Cruz,  Seattle. Canada,  Japan, Brazil and more to come!

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View all the CURRENT  screenings around the world.




June 12 BELFAST PREMIERE Facebook event

June 13 DUBLIN PREMIERE  Facebook event

June 14 LONDON PREMIERE SOLD OUT! Rush tickets at the door Facebook event

June 15 WORKSHOP: LONDON AREA Facebook event

June 17 WORKSHOP: DUBLIN  Facebook event



May 3 – 9th – NEW YORKFacebook Event / Buy Tickets

** New York After-Party – May 3 – post-screening With NICKODEMOUS ~ 2MELO ~ TRUTHNOW

May 7 – LOS ANGELESFacebook Event / Buy Tickets

MAY 8 – SAN FRANCISCO – SOLD OUT Facebook Event / Buy Tickets

 ** SF After-Party – May 8- post-screening With JEF STOTT ~ DREW DELLINGER

** WORKSHOP MAY 9 – SAN FRANCISCOLove in a Time of Crisis Workshop

MAY 11 – SANTA CRUZ – Rio Theatre – Facebook Event / Buy Tickets

MAY 12 – SEATTLESOLD OUT  7.15 screening sold out! Facebook Event / Buy Tickets

Just added due to popular demand: A second screening in SEATTLE – 5 pm  May 12 Seattle: Buy Tickets

** WORKSHOP MAY 13  – SEATTLE Love in a Time of Crisis Workshop

MAY 21 – BELLINGHAM  – SOLD OUT Hosted by Center for S.A.C.R.Ed Change, Occupy Bellingham, Transition Whatcom: Heart and Soul Working Group, Terra Organica, Community Food Coop / Buy Tickets



May 3 – U.S. & INTERNATIONAL  ON-LINE LAUNCH  Watch Occupy Love On-line starting 7 pm May 3rd at

May 3 – GLOBAL – Found Love App Launch

View all  TUGG Screenings 

View all the screenings around the world.


[quote]”Inspired, hopeful, must be watched … documents a global super movement.” ~ Huffington Post [/quote]

[quote]”Beautiful, arresting, inspiring.'” ~ The Village Voice [/quote]

[quote] “If you want to feel the global heartbeat, I highly recommend seeing Occupy Love ~ Reality Sandwich [/quote]
[quote] “A critical, heartbursting love song to the human capacity for positive change.” ~ ~ Exit Strata [/quote]

[quote]”Broad, beautiful, soaring and eloquent … a feverish and lucid run of free-association that evokes the all-night conversations of a new romance.” – The Media Co-op – read the full article [/quote]

[quote]”Visually stunning, politically incendiary, audaciously inspiring. Occupy Love is a masterpiece.” –[/quote]

[quote]Occupy Love is the quintessential documentary about the Occupy movement. This is definitely Velcrow Ripper’s best film to date… – Film Army[/quote]

[quote]”Documenting global movements – including Arab Spring, Occupy, climate justice – Velcrow asked: how could this crisis become a love story? The result is a beautiful and brilliant exposé of the love that is fueling the creation of a new reality. It is a love story.” – Peace of the Circle[/quote]

[quote]”At the heart of the film is the message that the ecological, economic and cultural crisis is deepening our love. The challenge is to express our love in more powerful and visionary ways.” – It’s All Yoga Baby[/quote]

[quote]”Occupy Love is an invitation to look at ourselves and realize that despite the differences and conflicts we all have, we all collectively need to become proactive and love one another by supporting everyone. This documentary is highly motivational.” – The Link[/quote]

[quote]”Viewers bubbled with excitement over this inspirational film” ~ Rising Sun Blog [/quote]



“The film was incredible… was up at 3am the next day thinking and feeling… and had rich conversations with some young neighbours about it today. Just watching the movie was the kind of experience that will keep unfolding goodness and provoking action… “~ Jane Finton, Whitehorse Yukon

“Saw the movie Occupy Love and was wildly inspired, my ecstatic propulsion engines all fueled up. It’s a visually gorgeous film that looks at how our current economic and ecological crisis is the Greatest Love Story on Earth. “The Economist says more for you means less for me. The Lover knows more for you means more for me.  Velcrow Ripper – I am cheering you on. Great job!  I’m a sucker for a kick-ass soundtrack too.” ~ Gennie Brukner, Toronto

“I watched the film a week ago and felt a mighty electricity flowing through the body – a huge upwelling of the compassionate power of totality. This is a love story indeed – a love story of deep currents of being meeting once again through a flowering of collective consciousness in inspired right action.” ~ Jeff Vanderclute, Seattle

“Tis the happiest, most hopeful, best film of the year!” ~ Richard Kerver, Boston

“What a great event last night at the CLinton theater in Portland, OR! Your film is awesome, inspiring and I so want to share it with all my friends and colleagues!!” ~ Ingir Easton, Portland

“Oh my, I think I have a case of Occupy Love, and want to share it with as many as possible.” ~  Lauren Vines

“Love love LOVE this!!! Thank you SO much for rolling this heartfelt inspiring cinematic gem out in Boulder today!” ~ Mark Larimer, Boulder CO

“The audience was moved to tears. A small group of about 6 women, my husband and myself stayed until 2am, talking about all the amazing things we are doing or want to be doing in our community. It was a magical night – sparked by LOVE.” ~ Shauna Ratapu, New Zealand

“Great screening on Long Island…everyone applauded at the end of the film and left with open hearts and gratitude! Thank you.” ~ Debbie Goldman, Long Island

“THANK YOU for so beautifully capturing the essence of a pulse I started to feel back in Spring of 2011. I have never felt more energized, in love, or broken open than at this time in my life…our lives” ~ Gabriela Maurier, Boulder CO


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