The Economy Of Love

“The economy of love is – the more you have the more I have. If I can make you feel happy or hopeful or beautiful I might feel more that way myself…. If I want a society that works, then I need you to be powerful, I need you to be responsible, I need you to be fully engaged, and maybe I need you to be joyous. The more I can give you the better my society is, because we are actually in this together” – Rebecca Solnit


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  1. Hi. I really want you, all of you Occupiers, to know that I admire and respect you. I want to support you, as much as I can. If my parents would let me go looking around for an Occupy group near Ottawa and join with them, I would go and stay for as long as I could. Too bad I’m stuck here, with school and other places I have to be. Oh well, when I can help out, I will. When Occupy Ottawa can come back, I’ll try to join them. In the meantime, I give you my enthusiastic and wholehearted silent support. 🙂 I hope that this kind of be-fair support-each-other society will be common soon. In the meantime, I’m rooting for you! Thanks for always trying! 😀 <3

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