New video message from Velcrow Ripper & IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign Launches!

Exciting news! We have launched our IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign to help finish Occupy Love – our transformative feature documentary. Please share the link as widely as possible!


Watch the above video message from Occupy Love director, Velcrow Ripper, shot last week in New York City. The march over the Brooklyn Bridge was part of Occupy Wall Street’s N17 day of action and two month birthday celebration. (Includes ground-level footage of the now infamous Occupy Bat Signal!

Occupy Love will be a moving, transformative feature documentary that asks the question: how is the economic and ecological crises we are facing a great love story?

This is a totally community funded film. Crowd-funding is a beautiful reflection of the collective spirit this movie is all about. Join the team and become a community film producer.

In theatres 2012 – with your help!