Host A Screening Of Occupy Love

Your screening can be in a movie theatre, a community hall or a house party screening in your own home.

There will be a new wave of community screenings this spring, starting on Earth Day, April 22nd, and May Day, May 1st, as part of the WorldWide #WaveofAction.  If you want to host a free screening, we will gift you with a free download of the film.   For those that wish to charge for a screening, we ask you to share the proceeds with Fierce Love Films, to support our work.

By sharing Occupy Love with your community you are contributing to a revolution of love inspired action, engaging with your community in a meaningful way and making our world a better place. Thank you!


» Complete Screening Submission Form (Necessary for all screenings)

» Order a DVD, Blu-Ray, or Download for your community screening (or request a free download if hosting a free #WaveOfAction screening)

» Step by Step Guide To Hosting a Screening

» Download a video introduction from Velcrow Ripper + Written Resources

» Download High res production photos + press kit + official poster


For screening in your home or community, fill out our SCREENING SUBMISSION form. If you have already emailed us we will be in touch shortly to confirm your screening and answer any questions you may have. To contact us directly, email


Occupy Movement | Occupy Love - Protestor If you are in the U.S. you can easily bring Occupy Love into your local movie theatre, by setting up a screening on our partner website, TUGG.COM

This is a new DIY distribution service, which allows Occupy Love to play at your local movie theatre. You don’t have to pay any costs associated with the venue – just spread the word, show up at the event, and be a host!  You also get the joy of seeing the film in it’s highest quality, surrounds sound, cinematic glory. You will also receive a percentage of the sales.

» Click here to create a TUGG event for Occupy Love


If you’d like to have a screening in your home or community hall, fill out our SCREENING SUBMISSION form. If you have already emailed us we will be in touch shortly to confirm your screening and answer any questions you may have, including how to order the film. To contact us directly, email


Our goal is to make this film as accessible as possible and to provide you with the tools to make your screening fun, easy and successful. Everything below is in the spirit of the gift and reciprocity. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

If you are hosting a free event, we do not ask for a screening fee, but ask that you pay the cost of the DVD, which is $20 plus shipping and handling. You keep the DVD. Or you can use a download, for which we ask  $10 (fastest way, and reccommended for everyone – saves on shipping and is better for the environment).  We can subsidize the download cost if this is prohibitive. Please support Fierce Love Films by requesting donations after the screening.  For #WaveOfAction screenings we will provide a free download.

If you are hosting a public screening and charging for tickets, requesting donations for entry, or using the event as a fundraiser, we ask that you buy the film, and gift  a percentage of the ticket sales to us – we suggest 50/50.  If you have high venue costs you could bring this down to 35%.


Any money we receive will go towards helping us continue our work, including  funding the distribution and outreach of Occupy Love, helping us spread this message far and wide, creating the many free videos we put out regularily, and developing the next feature film, which will focus on new paradigm solutions.



Request that your local library, school or university buy Occupy Love for their collection!  It will be available for everyone in your community!  Direct them to for more info.

Direct link for educational sales:


The above guide lines are for community screening hosts. Festivals and organizations, please email us at We are happy to work with your standard arrangements.

Thank you for sharing the love!


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