In this time of chaos, transformation, and transition, Occupy Love and its message of heart-centered revolution offers a key message of possibility — it connects the dots between the movements of change that are sweeping the globe, as we work together to create a world that works for everyone.

Since Occupy Love’s launch on April 11th, there have been hundreds of community screenings around the world, from Australia to Brazil to Turkey to Africa. Its message has quickly swept all across North America, Europe, Asia, and South America, as have the passionate communities who support it. One free outdoor screening in Brazil alone attracted 1500 people; the Occupy Love Facebook page reaches as many as 1 million people a week directly, and as many as 6 million overall.

…and we are just getting started. We’ve now launched the film digitally. The next step is to spread the movie far and wide online for all to see.


We need your help to get Occupy Love seen by everyone. Not surprisingly, we can’t rely on the mainstream gatekeepers to get this film out. It is up to us, the community, to spread our inspirational message of transformation in the face of crisis, everywhere possible.

In order to achieve our goal we have partnered with Yekra, a revolutionary online distribution company who have developed a groundbreaking distribution program called AffiliateConnect.  It’s a new model of people powered, decentralized distribution. The program allows anyone to share Occupy Love with their online communities – websites, mailing lists, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, YouTube channels, blogs, etc. There are no limitations – you can share with one person, you can share with a hundred thousand, and you can share on any digital platform.

Anyone who is supportive of Occupy Love and our goal can participate.   You’ll receive 15% of the income that comes in through your outreach. This means that you get to spread the word about a cause that you support, raise funds for your projects or personal life, as well as help raise funds for Fierce Love Films and our next feature documentary, which will focus on new paradigm solutions.

The way it works is simple. Click on the “I Want To Be An Occupy Love Partner!” button below and fill out the enrollment form. Once you’re enrolled, the YEKRA team will send you a welcome kit and your login for AffiliateConnect, where you’ll be able to grab your link and codes for your embeddable widgets, which will include the film player. Your links and codes are unique to you — no matter where they go online, when shared, forwarded, and re-shared again, YEKRA will track the activity and pay you monthly.

I Want To Be An Occupy Love Partner!

*Note this program is not available in Canada


Additional Options:

GIFT TO US If you would like for your share of the proceeds to go to Fierce Love Films and our upcoming projects, you have our deepest gratitude. You can opt to sign up as an Occupy Love supporter when you get your AffiliateConnect login information from YEKRA.

GIFT TO YOUR COMMUNITY At Fierce Love Films we work through the gift economy, under the philosophy “no one turned away for lack of funds.” Our work needs financial support to continue, but if someone in your community can’t afford to contribute to watch Occupy Love, we will gift them a viewing, on a case by case basis. Simply direct them to



Occupy Love is extremely powerful when watched in a group – from a few people to hundreds of people.  We love live screenings, and make it very easy for you to host a screening.  Learn more here

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