Occupy Broadway: The Big Bank – A Musical For The Movement #OWS

After seeing our short film, The Revolution Is Love, we were contacted by Jacob Seligmann, who has his own amazing project. It’s called The Big Bank:

The Big Bank is about a bank that loves to foreclose on people, a banker who falls in love with a flower shop owner who he is supposed to foreclose on, a radical environmentalist who tweets a revolution against the bank, his precocious eleven year old daughter who ends up working at the bank, and the boss who has a spiritual revelation and realizes that love is all that matters, not what you own, because life is a loan.

The Big Bank is a musical for the movement and for the people and only with the people’s help can it happen. I know there are millions of people who support the movement and who believe in the arts as a positive force in society. The Big Bank team has been actively engaged in the movement since it began. We’ve spent many days and nights at Zuccotti Park and joined in on actions and marches. Last weekend we helped to organize and performed in the first Occupy Broadway in the Theater District of Manhattan.

Watch how it started:

We know, just like love, there’s plenty to go around. So please support Jacob’s project by checking out their Kickstarter campaign.

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