Non-Violent Tactics for Occupy Protests

The following piece was submitted to Occupy Love by Shannon Harris.  Thanks Shannon!  I’ve edited it to fit the ethos of this page. One thing I would like to note – we are actually the 100%.  There is no us and them, so it’s important to recognize that the 1% is also us. We are 100% love.   One way to look at this that might be helpful, is this: consider that there are parts of yourself that are greedy or confused at times, angry or contracted, etc. etc. You don’t need to hate those shadow parts of yourself – love them, and bring them into consciousness, so you can heal. It doesn’t help to deny or repress them.   So let’s love the 1%, so they can be liberated too. We’re all evolving together here. ~ Velcrow Ripper 

If you can’t make it to a protest, the following is something you can do from home or work to help.

  • Love is stronger than fear. You’ve been raised to think Love is only for pop songs and romantic comedies. Love is MUCH bigger than “romantic love.”
  • When I say, “You are Love” I am speaking literally: you are part of the big, vast Love that connects us all. Because you are Love, you can tap into this incredible power – it is what you’re made of.

How to Defeat the Fear Mongers with Love

1. First, get rid of fear you’re carrying. Imagine a tube like a garden hose at your tailbone that sends any negative energy you carry to the Earth’s centre, where it can be healed. Send all energy that is not yours down the cord into the Earth. This is called grounding.

2. Fill your space with the energy that connects us all. Imagine it pouring through the top of your head. 

3. Get a feeling of love – the big vast love— going in your heart. Remember a time when you felt open to Love (not a sexual moment). Focus on your heart area – it’s not your physical heart, but the region of the body called the heart chakra. Just a little to your right of the physical heart.

4. Imagine your heart is full, and you’re releasing a stream of love towards your “target” (like taking the cap off of a fire hydrant). You can send it to police, you can send it to other protestors, you can send it to a person across the aisle from you on the subway.

That’s it! Sending love is completely non-violent. The power grows when people do it together. Give it a whirl with your friends, family, and even pets.

Love really knows no distance – you can send it across the world just like you’re sending it to someone in the same room. If you’re watching a livestream of a protest from home, you can help by sending love! 

Please feel free to copy and share. This is info that has been passed down — I’ve only arranged the words. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. – Shannon Harris