Noah Fischer

“We’ve got to figure out how to build a country that’s more equal, and where 100 percent of the people are looked after and have a good life, not just one percent.

We’re connected. There is no ‘I.’ There’s only ‘we.'”


Noah Fischer is a Brooklyn based sculpture and performance artist who uses light and sound installations to explore technological, political, and social progress as well as American mythology and presidential rhetoric. He has exhibited his art and performed in New York and internationally.

As the son of Zen teacher parents, Fischer grew up in the Green Gulch Farm Buddhist community north of San Francisco until he left for college. He studied visual art, sculpture and art history at the Rhode Island School of Design and at Columbia University, and 19th century painted panoramas in the Netherlands on a Fullbright scholarship.

From Occupy Wall Street’s onset Fischer committed himself to the movement, and his work and activities have espoused the aims and values of the global protest uprising ever since. Having demonstrated on Wall Street prior to the occupation dressed as currency featuring past American presidents, he became a daily Zuccotti Park occupier from day one. In the summer of 2011 he participated in a series of performances in response to the economic crisis called the ‘Summer of Change,’ publicly distributing hundreds of dollars in coins to passersby on Wall Street as ‘offerings to bankers.’ He subsequently initiated Occupy Subways and Occupy Museums.

Fischer teaches in the sculpture department at the Rhode Island School of Design and is the curator of the No-Eyes Viewing Wall at Brooklyn Zen Center. He has published essays and participated in lectures, panels and workshops in the U.S. and abroad. His work with the Occupy movement has been featured on Russia Today TV and in The New York Times’ ArtsBeat, and his art was selected by CNN for its 2012 election season digital art gallery entitled ‘Power’.


Visit his website:


Taking the Protests to the Art World (NYT ArtsBeat)

‘Summer of Change’ featuring Noah as a large dime, by Velcrow Ripper (4 min)

Distribution of Liberty and Greenback dollars at ‘Summer of Change” (2 min)

‘The Power of Gold’ (, 3 min):

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