Lauren Digioia

“We are fighting for the rights of all humanity. We’re coming together in the name of love, and in the name of having love for the future.”


Lauren Digioia was a musician working as a waitress in a corporate restaurant in Times Square when she walked by Zuccotti Park during Occupy Wall Street. Attracted by the drum circle, she visited for seven days straight before starting to sleep there and becoming a full-time occupier.

Getting an accelerated education in activism and collective living, she became part of the sanitation committee, spoke out, performed, danced, and had her share of brushes with the municipal justice system. She was arrested on three occasions for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, namely for dancing on the sidewalk outside the limits of Zuccotti Park.

Lauren majored in advertising and marketing in college. Following OWS, she and her partner Jack envisioned an educational outreach project, ‘The People Over Profits Tour,’ which they are currently developing. She believes our compassion and caring for each other have the power to create a common bond which once formed, will prove to be ‘completely unstoppable’.


Lauren performs ‘Frack You’ at OWS with Occupy Guitarmy (4 min)

Lauren’s insider account of OWS and her ‘People Over Profits Tour’ project
(Other Possibilities Network, 1h30min)

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