Mutual Aid


At Fierce Love Films we strive to work through the gift economy,  under the philosophy “no one turned away for lack of funds.” If you can’t afford to pay for the Occupy Love film, or a workshop, send us an email and we’ll take care of you.  If you can afford to pay, know that it is money well spent, going directly to the team, helping us serve you and the planet.


Please consider supporting Fierce Love Films with a donation. Your funds will enable us to continue our work of transformative filmmaking. Occupy Love has already become a powerful spark igniting global change. Currently we are in the process of releasing Occupy Love around the world, and we need your support to help spread the film far and wide.  Anything beyond that will help us begin our next feature documentary, which focusses on new paradigm solutions.


We believe in creating a community economy, and mutual aid.  You can become an Occupy Love affiliate, host the film, receive a percentage of the proceeds, and help share the film with the world. We are working with the revolutionary on-line distribution company,  Yekra on this.   Help get the message of love out into the world, and raise funds to support your dreams or your group.  LEARN MORE

Love to you all,
Velcrow, Nova and Ian
Producers Occupy Love

Occupy Movement | Velcro, Nova, Ian | Occupy Love
Fierce Love Films: Velcrow, Nova, and Ian / Photo credit: Nit Nat

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