Introducing Found Love

You’ve seen the film. You’re inspired to share love. Introducing, an interactive experience designed to show the world a powerful message of love and interdependence.

Join the revolution of the heart

Love is in the trees. Love is in the streets. Love appears in all places in this world. We simply need to open our hearts to it. Then we see it EVERYWHERE.

Download the free iPhone App

Help co-create the largest collection of love on the Internet. Grab the free app from iTunes and start snapping photos of a heart-shaped images that you find throughout your daily life. Add messages, tag an expression and upload the images to

Occupy Movement | Found Love iPhone App


Watch the Love Stream Grow

Thousands of photos taken from people around the world will be uploaded to Love unites just as greed divides. With your help we can co-create the largest collection of love on the Internet and share the message from Occupy Love.


Occupy Movement | FoundLove Website


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