Love in a Time of Crisis – a Workshop With Velcrow Ripper

  • Price: $20-30 (No one turned away for lack of funds)
  • Date: Sun, Mar 03, 2013
  • Time: 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
  • Venue: The Bellevile Club
  • Location: 2nd Floor, 291 Pinnacle Street, Belleville Ontario
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This fierce workshop with spiritual activist and award-winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper (Occupy Love, Fierce Light, Scared Sacred) and special guest presenter Judy Rebick, explores the power that is released when spirituality is combined with action. Gandhi called it “Soul Force,” Thich Nhat Hahn calls it “Love in Action;” for Ripper it is “Fierce Love.” It is the power of the sacred warrior, heart centered and fierce at the same time. Featuring dynamic “engaged spirituality” practices and meditations, visualizations and exercises, the workshop will offer key tools to unleash your own “Fierce Light” and become a catalyst of transformation.

Learn how to  integrate the head and the heart, “doing” and “being,” compassion and action, in order to be of  the highest service both to  yourself, and the world around you. Become part of “The Great Turning,” helping to make the shift from the industrial growth society, to the life sustaining civilization. A holistic journey of integration, from the personal, to the global, from the inner to the outer and back again. Discover your own  Fierce Light , unwrap your gifts, and let them loose on the world.

“ Inspiring and Energizing!” — Leslie Hayman

“A truly inspiring and affirming experience. The openness and compassion you brought to the workshop created amazing room to explore and express with complete freedom.  A week later, I am still glowing with the impact. I know this experience will be one I carry close to my heart for a long time. I feel empowered with very tangible tools to carry forward on my journey.” — Beth Warian