Embody the Movement — Occupy Wall St West

As part of Occupy Wall St. West, on January 20th 2012, to mark the anniversary of Citizens United supreme court case, hundreds of activists and social artists called for economic justice and people power in the name of the 99%.

This video reflects how art and activism are key in growing a movement and building a better world. Join this movement by taking action in your community.

Check out official One People flash mob. Video Produced by Magalie Bonneau-Marcil of DancingwithoutBorders.org, Directed & Edited by Ben Flanigan (BenFlanigan.com), Thanks to our team of choreographers: Giuliana Blasi, Samantha Sweetwater. Music: Now is the Time composed by Troy Lush, quote from MLK Jr. Co-sponsors: CODEPINK.org & SFNOW.org.

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