Drew Dellinger

“The ecological crisis is deepening our love. It’s deepening our love for the planet. We are called to love more fully, and to express our love in more powerful, visionary and effective ways. Lightning is continuously striking in 100 places every moment. The universe spills through our dreams. The future belongs to the most compelling story.”


Drew Dellinger, Ph.D., is a poet, teacher, activist and author who has ignited minds and hearts around the world with his poetry and keynoting on social justice, ecology, cosmology, and compassion.

He has been described as a creative, courageous and prophetic poet, a master wordsmith, and as one of the important voices of the global justice movement. His rhythmically hypnotic and profound poems marry themes of ecology, human rights, spirituality, interconnectedness, social justice, responsibility, the cosmos, ancestry and love. It is Dellinger’s belief that “we need to build a movement that connects ecology, social justice and cosmology, using dreams, the power of story, the power of art, and the power of action.”

Dellinger’s poems can be read in his award-winning book, Love Letter to the Milky Way, and heard on his CD, An Evening with Drew Dellinger. He speaks and performs internationally at conferences, colleges, universities, poetry events, protests, and places of worship. His work has appeared in various films, books and magazines and he is quoted in venues ranging from prison workshops to U.S. Congress climate change hearings. Dellinger co-wrote The Awakening Universe, a documentary film which premiered at the United Nations. He has received a Writer’s Digest Book Award as well as Common Boundary magazine’s national Green Dove Award.

Dellinger studied cosmology and ecological thought with Thomas Berry for two decades and is completing a doctoral dissertation on the last years of Martin Luther King Jr.

Author Brian Swimme sees in Dellinger’s poetry combined elements of Walt Whitman, hip hop, Martin Luther King and Albert Einstein. Says Swimme, “when you’re in the mood to have a torch put to your soul, Drew’s the man.”


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Selected poems and writings:


“The Total Thrust is Global Justice” (2 min)

Love in Action: Occupy Spoken Word Piece (5 min)

On Love (2 min)

On a New Democracy (2 min)

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