Cleo Reese

“What is happening with our waters? What is happening with our land and the animals and the skies? We want to stop it. We don’t want it to get any worse than this.”


Cleo Reece is an environmental activist who acts as Band Councillor for Alberta’s Fort Murray #468 First Nation.

In 2010 she co-organized the Keepers of the Athabasca’s first 13-kilometer ‘Healing Walk,’ to which hundreds of First Nations and Metis participated, protesting the development of tar sands by multinational oil companies over an area the size of Florida surrounding their community. Oil sands exploitation is suspected to be the cause of higher rates of cancer, extreme water pollution and high animal death rates in the region.

“Mother earth needs our help to protect and heal the land and water that is being decimated by tar sands. As indigenous people we are caretakers of the earth and we need to work together to ensure the health and safety for next generation,” says Reece.

She lives in Fort McMurray.


About Fort McMurray #468 First Nation:

Healing Walk Puts Spotlight on Oil Sands (CTV News)

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