Pitch Black

Pitch Black is the New-Zealand band formed by artist Michael Hodgson and Salmonella Dub producer Paddy Free. Combining musical journeys and genres, its distinctive sound ranges from organic ambient openers, layered soundscapes, cutting acid riffs and thumping rhythmic grooves, with dub as the glue that holds it all together. Their tracks take on an added dynamism when experienced live, thanks to the cutting edge visuals Michael plays with while mixing sound.
Pitch Black has toured the world for the last nine years, playing everywhere from Amsterdam to Zagreb and the streets of Las vegas to the Australian outback. Their music has been used in fashion shows, computer games, on television shows and in films, including the Oscar nominated Whale Rider.


“A New Day (Pitch Black Re-Mix)”
From the album “A New Day: Laya Project Remixed”
Remixed by Pitch Black: Michael Hodgson and Paddy Free
Composed by Patrick Sebag and Yotam Agam
Courtesy of EarthSync (© & ℗ 2010)
Published by EarthSync (PRS/MCPS – UK)


Visit their website: www.pitchblack.co.nz


Paul Rudy and Heidi Svoboda

Paul Rudy is a composer, performer, healer and teacher. The recipient of multiple awards and fellowships, he creates music with sounds from all over the world, exploring it deeply “for purposes higher than mere listening.” He has composed for orchestra, chamber music, electroacoustic, site-specific installations and sonic journeying. He teaches at the University of Missouri at Kansas City Conservatory, and conducts sound healing sessions and meditations.





Heidi Svoboda is a gong artist and sound healer based in Taos, New Mexico, as well as a medical Qi gong practitioner and  a licensed massage therapist.






“Fire: Passionate Fruit” from Kinan “Solar Wind”
Written and Performed by Paul Rudy and Heidi Svoboda
Published by Twisted Trail Music
Courtesy of Twisted Trail Music


Visit Paul Rudy’s website: www.paulrudy.com


Kaya Project

Kaya Project is the musical incarnation of Seb Taylor and Natasha Chamberlain, a UK-based duo. Seb plays slide guitar, zheng, xylophone, tzoura, banjoud, flute, darbouka, harmonica and the fender precision bass on many of the compositions, while Natasha contributes vocals, keyboard and flute. Seb and Natasha have performed live sets at events in Japan, Canada, the US and Australia.

Seb also composes for television series and commercials. His work has been featured on Sex & the City, The West Wing, Sleeper Cell, and on the BBC. He is also part of the world music duo Angel Tears.


“23 Towers (Interpulse Remix)”
Written by Seb Taylor and Performed by Kaya Project, remix by Interpulse
Published by Mariko Music Publishing
Courtesy of Interchill Records


Visit their website: www.kayaproject.com

The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir

Known as the musical activist branch of Reverend Billy’s Church of Stop Shopping, The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir is an all-ages choir of 35 representing a diverse array of economic, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.


Laura Newman has sung with the Stop Shopping Choir on hundreds of stages. Highlights include soloing at Burning Man and singing a gospel rendition of the First Amendment while handcuffed at a police station with Reverend Billy. She is also a film director and writer.


“We are the 99% (As We Gather Together)”
Words by the General Assembly OWS, from the “Declaration”
Composed by Laura Newman and Nehemiah Luckett
Solo performance by Laura Newman


Visit their website: www.revbilly.com


Gaudi vs Tripswitch

Gaudi is a producer whose innovative approach has kept him at the forefront of his field throughout a prolific career. His three decade musical exploration has seen him foray into punk, new wave, dub and reggae, world, experimental electronica and ‘stuff that rocks dancefloors’.



Tripswitch is the moniker of UK-based electronic producer Nick Brennan, most strongly associated with down-tempo electronica with psychedelic and ethnic influences.



Written and Performed by Gaudi vs Tripswitch
Published by Copyright Control, UK
Courtesy of Sub Signal


Visit their websites: www.gaudimusic.com and www.myspace.com/nicktripswitch



Liquid Stranger

Liquid Stranger (aka Martin Stääf) is a Swedish-born, Arizona-based electronic musician and producer whose wide-ranging sound has firmly established him within trans-national dubstep, covering everything from Latin, Asian, Eastern European and Jamaican Dancehall dubs. Known for his experimental approach to composition, he is one of the most sought-after dubstep producers from coast to coast. Performing live, Liquid Stranger has a passion for the unexpected.


Written and Performed by Liquid Stranger
Published by Mariko Music Publishing
Courtesy of Interchill Records www.interchill.com


Visit his website: www.theliquidstranger.com


Arnaud Roy

Arnaud Roy is a French composer, sound engineer and mixer for films and video games. His favourite instruments are vintage synthesizers, modern synths, virtual orchestra and Reaktor, with a special passion for the harp, both acoustic and electric.



“Blue Sox”
Written and Performed by Arnaud Roy
Published by Association Terra Incognita
Courtesy of Association Terra Incognita  www.terrabooking.fr


Visit his website:  www.royarno.free.fr


Ishq, formed by Matt Hillier and Jacqueline Kersley, are based in St Ives Cornwall, UK and have been making music for two decades under various guises including Indigo egg, Ishvara, and Elve. The duo’s sound plays with IDM electronica, deep ambience and new age overtones.
Ishq means “love” in Persian and Hindi, and is used by masters like Rumi to express love of the divine and of all of God’s creation. Ishq’s music has something of this romantic spiritual quality, and could be described as music of the heart.
Matt and Jacqueline also run Virtual (3), a limited edition CD label which releases their other studio works.

“Opal” (Opaque Mix)
Written and Performed by Ishq
Published by Ishq Music Publishing
Courtesy of Matthew Hillier

Visit their website: www.ishq.org


Dan Joseph

Dan Joseph is a composer and performer based in New York City. As an artist who embraces the musical multiplicity of our time, he works in a variety of media and contexts, including instrumental chamber music, free improvisation, and various forms of electronica and sound art. In the last decade the hammer dulcimer has been the primary vehicle for his music. As a performer he is active with his own chamber ensemble, The Dan Joseph Ensemble, as well as in various improvisational collaborations and as an occasional soloist.


“Tonalization (for the afterlife)”
Composed and Written by Dan Joseph
Performed by the Dan Joseph Ensemble
Published by Dendroica Music (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Mutable Music www.mutablemusic.com


Visit his website: www.danjoseph.org


House of Waters

House of Waters is a Brooklyn based band with a global sound, drawing inspiration from Africa, India, South America, and Jazz. The band is formed by hammered dulcimer virtuoso Max ZT; master percussionist Luke Notary; and brilliant bassist Moto Fukushima. House of Waters has shared the stage with Ravi Shankar, Tinariwen, Jimmy Cliff, KODO, Blitz the Ambassador, Dave Eggar and more.

Written and Performed by House of Waters
Published by House of Waters
Courtesy of SureSure Records

Visit his website: www.houseofwaters.com



German born ‘genre bender’ Yeshe has explored all corners of the globe to develop a rich tapestry of sound and a musical culture collage. Having extensively studied traditional African music and instruments in their native environments, Yeshe embodies the musical nomad, pushing cultural boundaries to find new sounds and to share simple messages of hope and peace in a sophisticated way.


Written and Performed by Yeshe
Published by Yeshe Reiners
Courtesy of World CitiZen Records


Visit his website: www.yeshemusic.com


Jeff Stott

Jeff Stott is composer, producer and performer. His sets create a sense of tribal community, with dynamic live instrumentation and renowned guest performers inter-playing with original tracks and live remixes. Intuitively sensitive to the collective emotion of a moving dance floor, he adds a live performance elements to shows with instruments ranging from Arabic string and percussion instruments to guitars, bass drums and live electronics.
Stott writes regularly for network and cable television, stage, video game and feature film, and has participated in several world tours and festivals. He lives in San Francisco, California.


Written and Performed by Jeff Stott
Published by Six Degrees Music (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Six Degrees Records

Visit his website: www.jefstott.com


Adham Shaikh and Shine

Adham Shaikh is a global electronics producer, film composer and sound designer.  Growing up listening to Indian ragas and Western classical music, Shaikh developed an ear for marrying sounds from around the world. His music blends a global fusion of dub, world beat, tech house, ambient, and jazz, and his sets are ever evolving works of deep original grooves, tribal rhythms, west coast bass, complex dub and lush downtempo atmospheres. He lives in British Columbia, Canada.





Shine is a renowned didgeridoo master who combines world beat rhythms , percussion and unique vocals with timeless messages of indigenous wisdom. He has been performing, teaching and offering sound healing for close to 20 years. Notable experts in the spirituality and healing feld such as Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Ram Das, and Dr Andrew Weil have experienced Shine’s musical work.





“The Long Road Home” and “Yves Song”
Written and Performed by Shine and Adham Shaikh
Published by Sonicturtle Music (SOCAN)
Courtesy of sonicturtle.com

“Sri Bells”
Written and Performed by Adham Shaikh
c+p 2011 Sonicturtle Music (SOCAN)


Visit Adham Shaikh’s website: www.sonicturtle.com

Visit Shine’s website: www.shinelikethesun.ca



Bluetech (aka Evan Bartholomew, or Evan Marc) is a DJ and producer who creates a wide variety of down-tempo music featuring a strong emphasis on melody and influences from dub and ambient techno.
Though he integrates some “organic” samples into his music, Bluetech’s sound is mostly achieved through the use of digital synthesizers and production software.



“Elementary Particles” & “White Magnesia”
Written and Produced by Evan Bluetech
Licensed courtesy of Aleph Zero Records
Copyright Aleph Zero Records www.aleph-zero.info

“To Mend”
Written by Evan Bartholomew, Russel Scott, Caitlin Demuth, Lila Rose
Performed by Bluetech & Lynx & Janover
Published by Mariko Music Publishing
Courtesy of Interchill Records www.interchill.com


Visit his website: www.bluetechonline.com


Anne Bourne

Anne Bourne improvises parallel streams of extended cello and voice, and composes chamber music for dance, film, experimental context, digital media, and words.
She envisions each musical expression as a resolution of difference tones between peoples, landscapes, and paradoxes, through listening.







Composed and Performed by Anne Bourne
with Ian Blurton and Glenn Milchem. Recorded by Daryl Smith.
Published by Anne Bourne (SOCAN)
Courtesy of Anne Bourne

“de temps en temps”
Composed and Performed by Anne Bourne and Stephen Vitiello
Recorded by Garnet Willis. Published by Anne Bourne and Stephen Vitiello (SOCAN)
Courtesy of Anne Bourne and Stephen Vitiello

“Meditation V/Origin”
Composed and Performed by Anne Bourne
Recorded by Phil Strong. Published by Anne Bourne (SOCAN)
Courtesy of Anne Bourne


Visit her website: www.annebournemusic.com