The Power of Love

As soon as I saw Michael Angelo Bosch, I knew I had to interview him. He was clearly a big tough dude with an equally big heart.

“I believe this Occupation is not only to bring to light the injustice about corporate greed here in America, and the lack of understanding or regard about people’s needs by our politicians, but also solidarity to what is happening around the world:  the injustice to humanity. We’re here to have a global awakening, and inform the powers that be that enough’s enough. This is why we are out here.  Because what you see here is a new paradigm shift – a people’s revolution.”

“What’s love got to do with it?”

“Love can transform and change your life.  People want change, but they don’t want to change themselves.  But it’s individual people that have to change morally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I’m totally a believer in the power of love. And I love you people!”

“Thanks for what you are doing.”

“It’s soldiers like you and I, soldiers of Agape Love, that can help transform this country. This is not just happening in America people, this is a global awakening, this is  everybody waking up. They’re fed up,  disgusted, some are confused, they don’t know which way to go, or how this will turn out, but if we utilize our people power, utilize the power of love, through kindness humility and respect to everybody on this planet, we’ll find solutions, we definitely will.”

“They want to put this into a box. The media are always saying ‘angry protestors’ – but we have to transmute the anger into love, because anger is going to burn us out.”

“If these were angry protestors you’d have a lot of militant groups out here, or anti-government militia types. You’d have all these types of organizations that would want to take advantage of the situation. But there are brothers and sisters in there that diffuse the situation before it gets out of hand.  We don’t want racists or people that want to start trouble, that want to come in here and break this up. And as soon as we see that, using caution and proper judgement, etiquette and respect, we surround them, we talk to them, and we get them out of the park. This is not about that.”

“Sometimes people think love is weak, or love is wimpy, but you are clearly a tough guy. For the dudes out there, can you tell them that love is actually strong?”

“Absolutely! I received a transformation because of some of things that happened in my life. I do security – I do security for the Park (Occupy Wall Street), and I also do security professionally.  I’m a big man, and I know how to take care of myself. But I also know that under kindness and humility, the power of love can open up the true person you are.”

Occupy the hood!  From the video:  ”One thing that has come out of this already, is love.

Occupy the hood!  From the video:  ”One thing that has come out of this already, is love. I’ve been talking to all kinds of people I never thought I’d talk to.”  One of the beautiful things about this movement is it’s growing,  incredible diversity, as more and more people from all walks of life join in.    We are part of a complex and dynamic system. When an ecosystem, like a rainforest, loses it’s diversity, it collapses.  Monoculture crops- like the GMO crops the corporations grow –  are vulnerable.  If a disease sweeps through, it can wipe out the entire crop.  When a tiny percentage of people control the wealth and the power, it is also vulnerable, and the system will eventually collapse. So let’s celebrate diversity!  It’s what makes us strong.  Follow these folks on twitter at @occupythehood