Adham Shaikh and Shine

Adham Shaikh is a global electronics producer, film composer and sound designer.  Growing up listening to Indian ragas and Western classical music, Shaikh developed an ear for marrying sounds from around the world. His music blends a global fusion of dub, world beat, tech house, ambient, and jazz, and his sets are ever evolving works of deep original grooves, tribal rhythms, west coast bass, complex dub and lush downtempo atmospheres. He lives in British Columbia, Canada.





Shine is a renowned didgeridoo master who combines world beat rhythms , percussion and unique vocals with timeless messages of indigenous wisdom. He has been performing, teaching and offering sound healing for close to 20 years. Notable experts in the spirituality and healing feld such as Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Ram Das, and Dr Andrew Weil have experienced Shine’s musical work.





“The Long Road Home” and “Yves Song”
Written and Performed by Shine and Adham Shaikh
Published by Sonicturtle Music (SOCAN)
Courtesy of

“Sri Bells”
Written and Performed by Adham Shaikh
c+p 2011 Sonicturtle Music (SOCAN)


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