A Victory for Love! We did it!


We did it!! In fact, we sent it through the roof! Thanks to you all, we not only met, but we have exceeded the goal of our IndieGoGo crowd funding camapaign! As my beautiful team mate Ian MacKenzie wrote yesterday, “still basking in the glow of human generosity. Over 700 people donated towards our film (6 hours still to go!) and it was not in their “rational self-interest.” Or perhaps, it is… because they understand their Self actually includes the Other. So as you support others, you are enriching and supporting all humanity and all life. A humble bow of gratitude to you all.”

Hear hear! Deep bows, and deep love to you all!

Between our two fundraising campaigns, over 900 people have participated in creating Occupy Love. That’s a lot of love!

481 people took the time to post  comments section of the IndigieGoGo site,  see great evidence of all the support for the project, and the Occupy Love movement itself. That so many people are committed and excited and passionate about compassion, about creating a world that works for everyone, a world that works for all life.

From the three of us producers of Occupy Love – Gregg Hill, Ian MacKenzie, and myself, Velcrow Ripper, please accept our deepest gratitude, and love. We are a community of change agents, and there is nowhere better to be, than right here, right now, a time of the greatest crisis that humanity has ever faced, and at the time of the greatest love story on earth.

Occupy Love!

Love is the movement!

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